Commandant’s Message 2014

Greetings from the California Military Institute (CMI), home of the “Rough Riders.” As with Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the original “Rough Rider,” there is deep and rich history and high expectations here at our school site. Academic excellence is but one of the many expectations we have, and it is evidenced in a variety of ways. With the highest Academic Performance Index (API) in the district and one of the highest in the County of Riverside, this is a place to come and learn. Not only do we have excellent teachers and support staff to create an environment steeped in high expectations and a rigorous and rich instructional program, we also have outstanding students.

There are many unique aspects to being a student at CMI; however, one distinction that is deserving of special recognition is the emphasis on character development and citizenship through daily interaction with the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) teacher and the military aspect of being a cadet, not just a student. It is here that students are taught the “basics” and emphasis is placed on “pillars” such as honor, courage and commitment. Moral and ethical instruction, coupled with other intangible but fundamentally important aspects of development and maturation, are “infused” into our students.

CMI is virtually devoid of the normal distractions found at comprehensive school sites. Issues like drugs, alcohol, fighting, inappropriate displays of affection, graffiti and a host of other concerns that often hinder student learning are extremely rare at our site. Each and every student wears a uniform every day. In addition, students are required to follow strict protocols that enhance the learning environment, stimulate personal growth and strengthen personal accountability. Creating gender-specific courses also enables students to better focus on academic and personal growth and further prepares them for college and the workplace by reducing, yet again, another distraction.

All of the aforementioned aspects coupled with smaller class sizes and a more personalized learning environment create a safe, nurturing school setting where kids want to come and learn. In addition, CMI uses the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology, and teachers ensure students are able to access curriculum and use technology in a way not often seen.

Come to CMI to better prepare for college or the workplace; the virtues and values every school and employer are looking for, those that separate our students from the “crowd,” are found here. Every day, we instill the “I-Can” attitude in our young men and women — those last four letters of American that say it all.

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