Perris Union High School District believes the mission of the district is to provide quality educational programs and meaningful opportunities which encompasses the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical aspects of all students within the district and which will enable them to become productive members of society.

Perris Union High School District Graduation Requirements

Only the letter grades of A+ through and including D­ (CMI does not offer letter grade D) shall qualify for credit for graduation requirements

  1. 225 Total Credits Required

  2. Required Course

    • English 4 years (40 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • History 3 ½ years (35 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • Geography 1 semester (5 Credits) (9th Grade)

    • World History 1 year (10 Credits) (10th Grade)

    • US History 1 year (10 Credits) (11th grade)

    • Am. Government 1 semester (5 Credits) (12th Grade)

    • Economics 1 semester (5 Credits) (12th Grade)

    • Mathematics 3 years (30 Credits) (9th – 12th Grades)

      • Including Algebra I or Algebra IA and Algebra IB or Integrated 1A/B
    • Science 3 years (30 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • Life Science 1 year (10 Credits)
    • Physical Science 1 year (10 Credits)
    • Science Requirement 1 year (10Credits)

    • Health 1 semester (5 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • Physical Education 2 years (20 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • Fine Arts 1 years (10th Grade Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

    • Art, Ceramics, Music, Drama, Spanish

    • Electives (55 Credits) (9th – 12th Grade)

      • Maximum 10 credits in Teachers / Office Aide
      • Maximum 40 Credits in Work Experience
  3. High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

    • Students must pass CAHSEE in order to receive a high school diploma.


High school graduation ceremonies shall be held to recognize those who have successfully completed the required course of study and accrued 225 credits. Students who are course or credit deficient may not participate in the graduation ceremonies. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that all requirements have been met.


  1. Every student entering CMI with semester credits will receive all of his/her semester credits providing they are transferring from a WASC accredited institution.
  2. CMI only issues credit at the end of 1st and 2nd semester. CMI does not issue variable credit.
  3. Student leaving CMI during the semester will not be issued credits. In progress grades (not credit) will be issued for students who leave prior to final exams.
  4. Students leaving CMI at the end of a semester will receive all of their earned credits.

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